Want to take your team to the next level of collaboration?

    Working with others to achieve positive social change can be the most rewarding thing, and yet, sometimes it simply isn't enough to be nice people who want to do good work. Doing things together can be incredibly challenging, we can get on each others nerves and get stuck, no matter the cause we're working for. How do you deal with the challenges of collaboration, leadership and participation? What triggers you or even stops you from taking action? How do you feel about yourself and your team? What do you need to raise your game?


    The Human Element Organizational Solutions® will take you deeper into the human issues of organisations, exploring and understanding how teams work and develop, how compatibility between team mates affects productivity and how rigidities can get us into trouble. The practical application will give you tools to move beyond rigidities and defensiveness, improve the way you handle difficult conversations, solve conflicts and make decisions as a team, incorporating everyone's expertise, creativity, and intelligence.


    The training is a three day immersion, building on the foundation gained at The Human Element Cornerstone®. Thus, it is a chance to continue your personal leadership exploration while focusing outwards on groups and teams. It is a chance to work on questions that have come up when implementing the first training and to go deeper with new tools and applications. Finally, it is a space to exchange with peers, to take a step back and look at the bigger picture, to refuel and practice, practice, practice.




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    3 DAYS

    Aug 16-18

    Hours: Wed 9-18, Thur 9-18, Fri 9-15

    As usual, we start after breakfast, end before dinner, and take a break for lunch


    Malmö, Sweden

    Studio Kendra.

    Nearest airport: Copenhagen (CPH), 20 min train, and Malmö (MMX), 30 min bus.

    Nearest train station: Malmö Triangeln


    SCALE: € 1200 - 220*

    You make your own choice in the registration form.

    *25% Swedish VAT will be added.


    Travel, housing and food is not included in the price. Choose your own nearby hostel or airbnb, or coordinate with others.

    Please make sure you are in Malmö the night before, as we will start at 9 am.


    You know how we roll: 100% money back if you cancel 30 days before the course. After that, we keep the € 220 cost coverage. You may of course give your spot to a friend.













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